Eating Disorders & Body Image

Partial Hospitalization Treatment

Since their launch in 2014, I have provided Yoga and Mindful Movement for those seeking treatment for eating disorders, exercise addiction, body image and emotional health within Liberation Center’s Partial Hospitalization Program for Eating Disorder Recovery. I work with a team of doctors and other therapists who all work together for the holistic needs of the patients. I have had the creative privilege of crafting a variety of movement groups and experiences to support the clients as they work through recovery. My hope is to help the client restore a positive relationship to living, moving and being in their body.

Mindfulness-Based Yoga can be one avenue that helps reconnect clients with the body/mind connection and restore a healthier approach to movement. Click here for more information about my approach with yoga.

In addition to yoga, we explore movement for function, play, recreation, connection and expression through other movement practices.  In nice weather I include outdoor recreational activities — visiting the park, mindful walking meditation at the local, lovely Japanese Friendship Garden, and other movement oriented outings.

Play – I believe that playing isn’t just for kids and that it is beneficial for adults. Seeing faces light up, spirits lift, hearing the laughter and all the positive effects it has on clients going through recovery, convinces me that play enhances our well-being. Getting outside at parks, we play on the playground, take off shoes in the grass, play games, toss balls and frisbees, do cartwheels, and more. Often, clients creatively come up with their own games and play, reminded of a time they once enjoyed movement before “exercise”. Clients report a range of positive effects — increased energy, relaxation, distraction from intrusive thoughts, a positive reconnection with the body and body image, a sense of happiness, and hope that movement can be enjoyable again — to name a few. Many clients take this “play” into their lives and share it with their families and friends.

In the variety of movement experiences, my approach is to create space to experience that we are a multidimensional whole person – what we think, what we feel, our relationships, our souls, body, our interaction with everything and everyone around us. All these aspects of a person and their life are not separate, they are in fact all connected and weaving together.

 Outpatient Appointments

I am also available to provide this work privately with those working with their health care professionals to address eating disorders. I work collaboratively with doctors to develop a plan that works for each client. Sessions available by appointment and take place in a private room at the Liberation Center in downtown Phoenix or other locations around the Valley.

Body Image – Mindful Movement and Yoga

Body image effects many people to various degrees. While there may not be a clinically diagnosed eating disorder, I also work with those who wish to cultivate a better relationship with the body and body image through mindful yoga and movement.

Contact for further inquiry and scheduling appointments.

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If you or someone you know has an eating disorder, help is available. Please contact Liberation Center, any local treatment center or doctor specializing in eating disorder treatment, or visit to find the right support for you.