Mindful Movement and Meditation

Mindful Movement and Meditation

The Art and Science of Moving and Being

“How we do anything is how we do everything.” ~ Richard Rohr

~ The practice of mindful movement cultivates our innate presence, spaciousness, aliveness, stillness, wisdom and gentleness in your body and movement. ~

As science explores the causes of some of our health issues it is revealing the need to return to a mindful, compassionate inhabitation of the body for health and wellness .

In this class you will move gently through a blend of yoga and other somatic movements that emphasize sensing, feeling, subtlety and nuance honoring your natural movement. Positions and movements are done lying down, sitting on floor, kneeling and standing with modifications available. Restorative yoga, embodied mindfulness meditation or other contemplative practice conclude the class.

We explore qualities such as awareness, skillfulness, balancing ease and effort, spaciousness, stillness, aliveness, grounding, centering, breath and more. 

Your body directly experiences your entire life – your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, relationships, cultural influences. You will explore a process of connecting harmoniously to this embodied direct experience and :

Curiously observe your habitual, reactive and restrictive movement patterns and practice ways of being in the body that are easeful, efficient and enjoyable to support daily tasks and meaningful activities.

~ Calm your nervous system and develop resiliency to meet the challenges of life with responses and choices that serve yourself and others well.

~ Cultivate awareness to be more present to your life so that you can fully appreciate the beauty, joy, depth and valuable moments.

~ Find a sense of comfort and well-being that supports physical/mental/emotional difficulty.

* Beginning July 9 *

When:  Mondays @ 5:30 – 6:30  (no class August 13)

Location:  Pathways of Grace ~ 1428 E. Northern Ave.

Cost: $20

* Class size limited, please reserve your spot. *

– Please contact or check Facebook to be aware of any cancellations.

– Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to set up.

– Yoga mat and props provided