Private Lessons

The human body’s design shows us that it is clearly meant to move. Our joints, muscles, connective tissue and bones all respond to movement. So do internal systems such as circulatory, nervous and digestive to name a few. As a longtime participant and educator of a variety of physical activities, I believe that movement is indeed necessary. However, through my own experience where it became hurtful more than helpful, I discovered that how and why we move is equally important.  My personal and professional journey has led me to study the science and art of movement for wellness.  My passion is guiding and inspiring others to live, move, and be well.

 HOW we move

My method of educating, encouraging and empowering clients is simple – Honor how the body wants to naturally move. I do this through several whole body, mindfully done practices:

• Yoga
• Pilates equipment work
⁃ Exploring natural movement and play.

I will work with you through a personalized movement practice for a process to support and enhance:

• Strength
• Flexibility/Mobility
• Balance
• Stress resilience
• Metabolism, energy, circulation, and more.

I also believe WHY we move is important. I wrote about this in this blog.

Over the last couple years, I have been getting more and more referrals and clients seeking out mindfulness and other contemplative practice guidance as we discover how helpful it can be for our health and well-bing. So I also integrate mindfulness and other contemplative practice into sessions if desired.

Because humans are interconnected beings, I acknowledge that I am always working with a whole person – body, mind, and all other aspects and dimensions of the person in front of me. Science reveals now more than ever that everything in our lives effects our health and wellness.

Your body knows how to move and be well, even in the midst of challenge, it just needs to be reminded and supported. Through this process you will learn more about the way your body is designed and feel more confident and inspired about making healthy, beneficial movement choices in your daily living.

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