Here are some resources I personally use, learn from and highly recommend.               (More coming soon)

  • Kelly McGonigal is a health psychologist and yoga therapist. I highly recommend her books and also her website about Yoga for Pain.  There are several very good guided meditations. A couple I do often is the 5 min. and 20 min. body scan and body gratitude meditation. Not only is it good for those dealing with chronic pain/illness, but also helpful for body image/eating disorders.

5 min.

20 min. 

  • Shelly Prosko is a gem! She is a Physical Therapist, Yoga Therapist & Pilates Instructor. You can find some of her knowledge and wisdom on her blog and YouTube channel.


  • Jules Mitchell, yoga instructor. Her blog and You Tube channel is full of biomechanics centered yoga goodies.



  • Joletta Belton writes about her personal experience with chronic pain in her blog, My Cuppa Jo. She is knowledgeable about current pain science and shows how her learning helped her make practical life choices that have greatly helped her.


  • Here is my Pinterest page where I save all articles, videos and more resources I find interesting, inspiring, and/or helpful.