About Tami

Informed by modern science, valuing ancient wisdom,
rooted in mindfulness and compassion, influenced by experience. 

~ Mind-Body Coach specializing in chronic stress, trauma, nervous system health, addiction, mental health, eating disorders and chronic pain.

~ Nervous system health and stress educator.

~ Certified Yoga, Pilates and mindful movement instructor.

~ Certified in Movement for Trauma

~ Massage Therapist.

I am thankful to have provided my yoga and movement services for wide variety of people in diverse settings — athletic teams, physical therapy practices, college courses, senior fitness groups, volunteering in homeless outreach programs, addiction and mental health recovery programs and more.

I have worked alongside and learned a lot from physical therapists, coaches, physicians and psychotherapists for the majority of my 20+ year career to support people through their therapeutic, performance, health and wellness endeavors.

I am currently the yoga and movement instructor and lecturer/educator at the renowned recovery center in Wickenburg Arizona, The Meadows.

Certifications and Advanced Training/Education:

  • Certified Yoga Instructor – 200 hour (teacher, Brooke Boon)
  • Certified in Movement for Trauma –  Jane Clapp  (trauma specialist, Jungian analyst)
  • Certified in Mindfulness-Based Yoga Therapy for Eating Disorders – Inner Door
  • Certified Massage Therapist – Phoenix College
  • Certified in Pain Care Yoga (level 1 and 2)  – Neil Pearson, Life is Now
  • Certified Spiritual Director (2 year) – Haden Institute
  • Certificate – Mindfulness for Addiction – Tara Brach (psychologist and mindfulness teacher)
  •  Course – Neuroscience of Self-Compassion – Kelly McGonigal
  • Contemplative Psychology training – Karuna Training
  • Certificate in BodyDreaming – (Jungian embodiment approach for trauma)
  • Course – Nervous System/Trauma – Irene Lyon (Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Feldenkrais Instructor) 
  • Course – Yoga for Emotional Balance, Bo Forbes (psychologist, yoga therapist)
  • Continuing Education in application of biomechanics for yoga and movement (mentoring, courses) – Jules Mitchell Yoga
  • Certified Pilates Mat and Apparatus Instructor – Physical Mind Institute, Balanced Body University
  • Certified Postural Alignment Specialist – Egoscue Method
  • Course -Developing Interoception: Creating Embodiment Through Somatics –James Knight (Hanna Somatic Educator)
  • Course – Somatics in Yoga with Dr. Staffan Elgelid
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