Embodied Recovery

Recovery :

“The action or process of regaining possession or control of something stolen or lost.” (Oxford Dictionary)

I specialize in specific areas as a support for people working with their health professionals for:

Trauma and Chronic Stress

Mental Health

Addiction Recovery

Eating Disorders

Chronic Pain

Using movement and embodiment practices to support my own personal experience through recovery and chronic pain drives my passion to work in these areas.

While these areas are all different, there is a similarity – disconnection. Trauma, addiction, anxiety, depression, etc., all have in common a disconnection from one’s self and one’s body. The importance of movement and embodiment in these areas is now commonplace and widely used in recovery settings as evidence-based support.

Alongside your health professional or team, I will work with you through personalized movement and/or embodiement practices that help build the capacity to navigate challenging experiences through recovery and move forward in recovery and life. Grounded embodied awareness and connection can expand your capacity, build resilience, create space for thoughts and emotions to arise, tap into your own clarity, respond wisely in alignment with your values and cultivate kindness toward yourself. 

PLEASE NOTE: While I work alongside clinical health care providers, my services are an adjunct support and not replacement for qualified mental healthcare.

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