Meaningful Movement

I want to be more than just a movement educator. My hope is to inspire movement that helps others live out whatever is meaningful to them.

I teach movement for more than just our physical well-being. I am interested in what a healthy body allows us to do with our life. In making choices about our health, I believe in moving from a place of meaning. What will better health allow us to do? Do we know WHY we want to feel better, have more energy, have less pain, etc. What does fully living look like to us? What do we care about? I’ve seen a different outcome in myself, clients and students when making choices for health with a motivation that is more expansive. The ability to make consistent choices that serve us well are stronger when we know WHY we are making these choices. Especially when the WHY has meaning, value, purpose.

And by the way, the fact that you exist, your BEing is valuable and meaningful. Independent of anything you do.

I added movement words to the quote below from Marc David of The Institute for the Psychology of Eating, whose philosophy on nutrition is in line with my philosophy on movement.

“We have the power to choose a style of eating [moving] that is infused with deeper meaning. Indeed, one of the more thoughtful ways we can evolve our relationship with food [movement], and hence our metabolism, is to align our way of eating [moving] with our greater life purpose. That means getting in touch with the story of who we are and why we’re here on Earth, and eating [moving] in a way that supports this grander mission.”

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